About Me

Welcome to my blog. My name is Stephanie and while I'm not touring as a professional pop singer,  I find time to cook, bake, and organize my food storage . Here is one of my best music videos about my interest in food storage.

Ok, Ok, for reals. I love eating cookie dough. I could eat pizza everyday. I love fresh berries and steel cut oats. I love fresh, flavorful food. I am part hippy, and part ghetto fabulous. Overall I am a foodie who can appreciate the finer  cuisine just as much as I appreciate snow cones and slurpees. Once upon a time I was a health nut who refused to bake with butter, flour, or sugar, and I watched every little thing that crossed my lips. I have also been a full-time grad student who ate pizza, french fries, and ice cream in large quantities in an attempt to make my stressful life more enjoyable. Odd mix of habits eh? Yeah, tell me about it. You should see the boxes of clothes that go with each of those phases of life, and NO, they are not all the same size.

Presently, I find a balance between the food I believe we all should eat, the food that gets us by in a hurry, and of course, the food that makes us feel like fat cows. In my Utopian world, I would have a bounteous supply of wild salmon, fresh asparagus, fresh raspberries and blackberries, swiss chard, and very expensive olive oil. In my real life, I buy bagged spinach, eat frozen custard occasionally, and even make a trip to the Chuck-a-rama buffet to appease my comfort food-loving husband. (who is the absolute love of my life, even if he hates vegetables and sushi) I don't have a nice camera and sometimes the food I make is gone long before I take a beautifully styled photograph, but hey, that's what I call ghetto fabulous.

There's a place for ALL food. Here, you will find it categorized into three categories.

1. Granola cruncher hippy food
2. Appeal to the masses home cooking
3. Eat your feelings food